Tuesday, July 04, 2006

despedida ni rose

june 30, 2006 sa music21, jupiter st. makati city
note: photos and videos courtesy of rhael
hopee and charles' rendition of mamaw

hopee and emote na emote na charles

applause from irma (partly hidden), mikee, ricky and dennis

dennis, joanne, joms and rose

mikee and ricky

joanne and joms

"bakit ngayon ka lang dumating sa buhay ko?"

joanne and joms

ricky, mikee and irma

ricky (on the wings of love), mikee, irma and dennis

melissa, hopee, tintin (partly hidden), and yamito

disturbing image

joanne and joms

blurry rose and denster

despedida girl rose and blogger denster

mikee and ricky

melissa, tintin and yamito

rose and blurry denster

the gang (charles, irma, mikee, ricky, dennis, joanne, joms, fraulein, rose, denster, hopee, rhael, vhyn, melissa, tintin and yamito)

click mo ito para sa music videos


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